QA Platform 4.0

Design the new generation platform for automotive quality assurance.

The project


We have helped Atlas Copco develop the new QA Platform 4.0: the latest generation of quality assurance products for industrial production lines.

About Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco is a world leader in providing solutions for sustainable productivity that offers products and services based on energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics.

Founded in 1873, Atlas Copco boasts a century of experience in innovation for sustainable productivity and is present in more than 180 countries, including its operational headquarters in more than 90 countries. Its production is mainly concentrated in Belgium, Sweden,

Germany, United States, India and China. Today, after 145 years of history, innovations, close collaboration with customers and social commitment, Atlas Copco has become the global benchmark in the production of compressors, equipment, rock drills and in many other product areas.

The platform

This innovative platform consists of four main cores: QA Supervisor, the software for the management of the entire quality assurance process, STpad, the tablet dedicated to line operators, STwrench, the dynamometric measuring key and STbench, the modular test bench which is transportable along the entire line. Our designers have joined the Atlas Copco teams in the realization of the software of QA Superivor and STpad.

QA Supervisor

QA Supervisor is a web based software which allows quality managers complete monitoring: the production line operators' activities, the tests carried out and the measuring instruments used. The quality manager has a tree and topographic view of the entire area of his competence, through which he can obtain, in real time, an exhaustive picture of the situation: from the entirety of the line to the detail of a single joint.
A notification system, focused on prevention, constantly keeps the quality manager up to date, advising him in advance about maintenance activities or possible future problems. Through the new dashboard, the quality manager can design widgets and charts according to his needs, with the aim of obtaining data and statistics to support his future strategic choices.


Through the STpad the operator can view his daily route of to-do activities. For each activity the user is guided, operation after operation, with precise indications, supported by photos and synoptics.
The device facilitates the operator even during visual checks and tests, with the possibility to attach photographs taken at the moment.

The project

Our designers and Intré's developers have joined the Atlas Copco teams in the realization of the software of QA Superivor and STpad. Both projects were organized in Scrum teams.
The designers collaborated directly with the Swedish design team, starting from the user research and the definition of the customer journey, up to the generation of the information architecture and the wireframe of the new product.
Once wireframes have been validated, UI design work has progressed incrementally, in parallel with development work. Regarding QA Supervisor, designers have also been involved in the creation of HTML components in order to facilitate the work of the whole team.

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