Living Component Library

Facilitating the collaboration between design and development to maximize the value for the end users.

One place to store and share styles, components and guidelines together with their working code.

Design + Development

The exchange of informations between designers and developers is one of the key point for the success of a project. UI mockups and a detailed documentation aren't enough to ensure the consistency of the developed interface.

The living component library borns to solve this problem: a library where the developers can look for the desired components, read the attached informations and copy and paste the related code snippet into their project code.


Effective communication
and sharing
between teams

Design Team
Living Component
Dev Team
Dev Team
Dev Team
Dev Team
Product 1
Product 2
Product 3
Product 4


Consistency between products and devices.

Up-to-date source of both design and code elements with version control.

Reduction of backand-forth tweaking between designers and developers.

Time saving solution for new projects: developer teams have no need to build components fromscratch.

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