The dashboard for the experience transformation of your company.

Mapping, monitoring and improving your customers’ experience.


We designed and developed Gumly, a web app for the experience transformation of your company.

The starting

We live in the age of the customer. Today to create value for our customers we have to focus on their experiences. In Thanks our mission is to help companies to release value for their customers. How? By taking on board the users and all the company departemens involved. Gumly helps us to make it in an easier way.


The team was made by designers and developers of Thanks and Intré. We worked in Scrum with 2 weeks Sprints.

This is Gumly

The web app for mapping, monitoring and improving the customers' experience.


Map all the users' journeys in a unique whole picture.

You can visualize the unfolding of the customers' journeys inside each flow.


Connect for each touchpoint the pain points and the opportunities emerged from your qualitative and quantitative researchs.

You have a detailed vision of each customers'interaction.


Design the right solution for each pain point and keep track of them by giving a priority order.

Collect and organize the needs and the behaviours of each personas into detailed views.

Icons & illustrations

We created a customized icon set and illustrations.


Here the Gumly launch video.


Six Scrum Sprints to release the first MVP. Gumly was the result of one of the Intré Guilds. Guilds are cross-functional teams where Intré people works for the 10% of their time. We are now collecting subscriptions through the dedicated site with the aim to involve a first group of earlier adopters. We are also presenting Gumly to our clients and we are collecting good feedbacks for the next improvement cycles of the product.

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