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Improve the daily experiences of notaries and their customers

Redesign the most used digital suite by Italian notaries.


We've helped Wolters Kluwer Italia - OA SISTEMI to design NotaioNext, the new digital solution that's born with the purpose to "guide the Italian notaries in the 4.0 digital revolution world". NotaioNext is the fruit of an accurate work of research, analysis and development, which has seen various professionals reunited and organized into three teams, for a total of more than 100.000 hours of work. During two years of work we have cooperated with the product owners to redesign the various areas, supporting the three development teams along the whole project cycle.

Wolter Kluwer Italia OA SISTEMI,
a story of innovation

OA SISTEMI, company specialized in the realization of informative solutions for the legal market, is a leader brand in Italy for the automation of notary offices. Simplicity of use, choice freedom and ability to reinvent itself have always been the pillars of its philosophy. A story that has its roots in the '80s with the production of Sinot, followed in the '90s by Notaro Dos and Notaro 98, the first management software for the Windows platform: an absolute novelty which allows the company to become a reference point for the industry. The entry into Wolters Kluwer Italia in 2000, marks an additional productive push for the company, which, with new energy, in 2005 releases the Suite Notaro software, equipped with new modules and functionalities. Six years later it's time for Suite Notaro Saas, a new version of the software, designed with Cloud technology. 2018 marks a turning point for OA SISTEMI, which opens with NotaioNext a new chapter in its story of innovation.

Start from the notaries and their customers

NotaioNext has been designed not only starting from notaries, but also from their final customers, with the aim to guarantee quality experiences to them, able to translate the customer satisfaction objective into a success factor for the notary offices which choose to rely on OA SISTEMI. For this reason, the activities of interviews and field research at the notary offices have been useful to understand the needs and to delineate the user journeys of the notaries and their customers.

The improvement of the performance metrics linked with the main activities emerged from the research phase, has been one of the points on which the information architecture and wireframe design was oriented.

Totally renovated interface, integrated chatbot and artificial intelligence.

The user interface has been designed for cross-device usage: desktop, tablet and smartphone; its realization has been driven from the feedback gathered directly from the notaries, with a particular attention for the improvement of the performance regarding the execution of specific activities and to facilitate the collaboration between the various professionals of the office. The dossier workflow management, that is to say all the activities which precede the stipulation of a notary deed, was one of the greatest challenges for our designers.

The artificial intelligence was a crucial element to improve the post-stipulation phase: thanks to EDI, the interactive dynamic extractor, the notary can extract, directly from the deed, the data needed to fill in the obligations. Regarding this process, our designers took care of designing every single step of EDI: from the import of the document, to the visualization and use of the extracted variables. To facilitate the work on the move experiences, a chatbot was designed, through which it was possible to considerably optimize, by voice commands, the fruition of the content of some areas of NotaioNext.


The look&feel ideation was part of a wider scope rebranding process, driven by our team, which was able to engage, in a convergent way, the marketing and the research and development departments. The branding work has led to a total redefinition of the visual identity of the product and its touch points, starting from the name: NotaioNext.


More than 300 icone have been designed for NotaioNext, most of which are linked to specific semantic fields of the notary world.

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