Quotti B2B

Proposals and policies. Easy everywhere.

Simplify and monitor the listing process of policies.


We have helped Cattolica Assicurazioni realize Quotti, a cross-device web app, born with the dual purpose of facilitating the activities of the Cattolica agents and monitoring their progress in real time. From a one-to-one marketing perspective, Quotti stands as the tool that allows agents to interact with users and create tailored policy proposals.

Who is Cattolica Assicurazioni?

Cattolica Assicurazioni is a cooperative company in charge of one of the largest Italian insurance groups. With more than 1500 agencies spread throughout Italy, Cattolica is aimed primarily at individuals, families and small and medium-sized businesses.


To help the product owner and the team to define the project with its objectives and to create a vision shared with the whole team, we used the vision and the product canvas as a helm. The research phase was then structured as an analysis of the three main users to whom the application is addressed: the agent, the collaborator and the agency manager.

The metrics identified to measure the achievement of the objectives were: the percentage of quotations made and the percentage of policies issued.

Once the information regarding the three main users was gathered, the research focused on identifying their “journeys” and their mutual interactions during agency and sales activities to the client.

UI and development

The user interface has been designed for cross-device use on PCs and tablets. The reference guideline for the realization of the UI was Google's Material Design.

The development process was punctuated by two weeks of scrum sprints, in which the designers worked with a sprint of advantage over the developers.

Each UI was then transformed by our frontend designer into html components ready to be integrated by Cattolica's developers in the next sprint.


For Quotti we thought of a new common iconographic language, in which, in addition to purely practical value, the icon becomes the bearer of the visual identity of the product.

Each icon consists of a dark "outline" skeleton filled with colored areas in line with the brand's palette.


Quotti has recently entered full use in Cattolica’s agencies, bringing in the agencies' world the opportunity to work cross-device and monitor listing and signing activities daily.

The project has in the meantime continued; from the framework of Quotti B2B we are giving birth to Cattolica’s first cross-device B2C quotation software.

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