The new Trenord app is born: the application that makes it even easier to travel on regional trains. Travel, real time info, ticket purchase and subscription renewal.

Travel in Lombardy always up-to-date.


We have helped Trenord realize its official application which significantly improves and simplifies the experience of those traveling on Lombardy regional trains. With the new app, available for iOS and Android, you can plan your trip and buy tickets, follow the train traffic in real time, consult live info on arrivals and departures from the stations.

Who is Trenord?

Trenord S.r.l. is a unique company in Italy as it is exclusively dedicated to the public railway transport of an entire region, the most "mobile" in the country, where every day over 700,000 people - about 200 million a year - move by train.

It is the first operator specialized in local rail transport that manages the suburban and regional railway service, the Malpensa Express airport connection service and the Como-Chiasso and Malpensa-Bellinzona cross-border service. Through the Swiss railway company TILO [50% owned by Trenord], for a total of 2,300 trips a day,

, which to a large extent converge towards the Milan node. The company was founded on 3 May 2011 by the combination of experience, expertise and structures of Trenitalia (Lombardy Regional Division) and FNM Group (LeNORD) - 50% each - in order to rationalize and optimize the railway service in Lombardy.

An app also for Expo Milano 2015

The goal was to publish the app before the start of Expo 2015 to allow tourists to reach the exhibition site by train, buying the ticket directly from the app.

Search, buy and travel

We thought of the frequent traveler who often travels the same route and wants to know if their train is late. Starting from the Personas and Customer Journey we have designed a user experience that simplifies the usual actions of searching, buying and traveling.


Two UIs were created: one for Android and one for iOS. Simplicity, respect for native patterns and common sense were the points of reference for the entire interface design.

A BaaS to serve the app

An app based on a large amount of scattered data.’s BaaS (Backend as a Service) has been used and extended to aggregate and process all the programmed and real train running data by exposing them as uniform REST resources. The platform, developed in Node.js, is installed on-premise and resides on multiple servers to scale as needed.

MakeItApp’s BaaS SDK enabled developers to dramatically speed up server integration and focus more on developing the user experience.


Our first objective: fluidity and support for most devices on the market.

We have a lot of experience with hybrid apps developed in Sencha Touch and Cordova and we know their strengths and weaknesses. For the official app of Trenord we have chosen to go native because it allows to reduce the risks of non-compatibility with some devices and a smoother user experience even with non-high-end devices.

Objectives achieved and future developments

The app was a great success among Trenord's commuters. 100,000 installations are counted between May and July 2015. Between 10,000 and 15,000 people are using the app daily.

The rating on both stores is close to 4 out of 5 stars.

Thanks to many user suggestions we have made changes and we’ll be making more for the next versions scheduled for the end of the year and the beginning of 2016.

The team

The project was carried out by a scrum team of developers, designers and rail transport experts from the following companies: Intré,, Nordcom and Trenord.

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