About us

We are a human-centered and value-oriented UX and service design studio

Understanding users, customers and our colleagues is the compass that guides our work.


Through user-research and design, we help companies devise innovative products and services focused on people and their experiences. We support our clients with an end-to-end approach: from product envisioning to development, all the way to market launch.


Emanuele Mantovani

Head of Design

Diego Chierichetti


Andrea Sironi


Cristina Azzarito


Alejandra Ponce Vargas


Roberto Aceti

Front-end Designer

Miriam Civiero


Veronica D'Angelo


The guilds

Increasing and sharing knowledge

At Thanks we believe in people and in the importance of continuous learning. Every week we devote a portion of our time to guilds: cross-team groups of people who aim at learning and sharing know-how. New guilds are formed every four months based on topics freely suggested by each member.


We are part of Intré, a software house of over 60 collaborators, a reference point in Italy for Scrum software development. The synergy with the world of developers allows us to improve our approach on a daily basis, always focusing on the feasibility and concreteness of solutions.

Why we are called Thanks



Thanks is an expression of gratitude and appreciation.

Thanks means recognizing a value we received or offered.

Thanks is our attitude of appreciating the value we provide to customers and their end-users. Every day.

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