Design and development of a digital restaurant and food delivery service.

The project


Design and development with Foorban of the entire food delivery service. Transformation of the lunch break in Milan into a unique experience for lovers of refined and healthy cuisine. At the center a single protagonist: the user.

The solution

An integrated system made by:

- Android app, iOS app and a website for the final customers
- a web app for the coordination of the fleet

Who is Foorban?

Foorban is a new model of online food delivery that integrates cooking and logistics.

By selecting the freshest, healthiest and of guaranteed origin ingredients, Foorban offers a different menu every day. Innovative food cooking methods are used alongside advanced logistics and careful trend analysis. Foorban’s chefs are always looking for quality, balance and taste.

The sustainability of its processes is fundamental: to minimize waste, every day part of the production is donated. Thanks to special means, Foorban guarantees a flash delivery. Foorban takes care of every single step, ensuring the exclusivity of quality, taste and service.

Design process

We can identify four points from which the success of the project has depended:

1 - The definition of the service in its entirety and the study of the user experience from pre-order to post-experience;
2 - Communication through the digital touchpoints of the uniqueness of Foorban's offer;
3 - The creation of an order management system based on customer and rider geolocation;
4 - The creation of a brand identity, characterized by a unique and authentic look & feel capable of transmitting the values of Foorban in all the service touchpoints.

The team

The team consisted of Thanks' designers and Mia Platform’s developers, working side by side with the Foorban founders at each stage of the project. We worked in two-week sprints and each design choice was the product of an interaction within the entire team.


The research part was characterized by an analysis activity around the understanding of the needs of the main segment of users to which Foorban addresses: workers in the areas of central Milan. From here we then moved on to generate a global vision of the service, defining the individual touchpoints and actors, frontstage and backstage. Through more detailed customer journeys, the strengths on which to base the experience have gradually emerged.

On the other hand, the analysis of the other players active in the Milan scenario was fundamental, as regards both the definition of the Foorban brand identity and the understanding of the experiences that competitors offer to their users.


From the research we have come to define the global framework of the service, the user stories and the blue map, which served as a helm for the entire project. Our design hypothesis made of user stories has never stopped evolving and adapting in the next four months of work.


The development part was characterized by a continuous dialogue between designers and developers of Mia Platform. Design-wise, we defined the brand identity and the user interface for iOS and for Android and the one for the website. We have also developed an ad hoc iconographic language capable of communicating the full range of Foorban's offer.

The design of the UI has developed around 2 essential points: 1) the usability and naturalness of the interactions, 2) the centrality of the product enhanced by the beauty of the photographic shots of the dishes, we wanted a layout that also activated the taste buds of our users.

The goal

During the four months of work, at the end of each sprint, we tested the releases of the applications. As soon as it was possible, we conducted comprehensive tests of the service, which involved the kitchen and the riders. This allowed us to validate what was developed and to get to release in April the first beta versions of the iOS and Android apps on the stores.

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